She is a deep dive into twenty-eight core values and principles that serves as a guide-book for man-kind in order to lead the path forward in a more gender equal and prosperous world. A deeper dive into Love and Light. Stories behind the larger-than-life persona of a girl from a small town that had no electricity. It's this little girl's resilience and fierce battle with reality that makes her a tireless champion of self-reliance, who urged millions of people to rely on themselves to make their lives better.

She leads us on a path to a more compassionate, equal and prosperous world. A wrinkle in time for cocktails, music and laughter while we share the deep values of Love and Light. Through the Power of Poetry, Dorcas Onuh shares her insights and philosophies for humanity in finding meaning and developing into her fullest potential.  #HerDreamstoHumanity

Get it Now. She is currently available for Pre-Order and will ship in August 2018 across 39,000 bookstores nation-wide. Include a purchase of the book to your budget. #YourBudget #YourBudget2018 #betterTogether

10% of the proceed of the book sales goes into Empower Girl Fund, financing girls' quality basic education across 65 developing and conflict conflicts.