Empower Girls Mission on Global Partnership for Education

Ottawa, Ontario

January 25, 2018

When we had started the work with the Education Fund. We were particularly driven by a purpose to identify, build and amplify people's potentials with the right platform and connections.

"I worked tirelessly with every single one of my youth, girls and children." - Dorcas Onuh

In the first three (3) years, we ensure youth and adults, especially young women, have the knowledge and skills they need to secure a job and realize their full potential. And we don't stop there.  We have also championed support for UNESCO in its path forward to a more gender equal, peaceful and prosperous world. 

We target the poorest, most vulnerable, and those living in fragile or conflict-affected countries – receive a quality basic education for 2018-2021. And piloting this initiative in the first three (3) years of operation. In order to develop a solid education system that is sustainable, efforts must enable children and youth, particularly girls, to get a full 10-year cycle of quality basic education. 

Quote for Peace:
"We are committed to making sure young people around the world, especially girls, get the education they deserve. A quality basic education is one of the most important things we can do for children, and the path forward to a more gender equal, peaceful, prosperous world.”

Dorcas Onuh