Message | Her Dreams to Humanity

January 12, 2018

Ottawa, Canada


Her dreams to Humanity is a 28 years journey that came to me at a pivotal point of transforming challenges into hope. I had experienced inhumane violence where I felt unsafe and discouraged to continue on my journey of chasing my dreams upon coming into Canada about three years ago. This traumatic recall threw me into a very dark place in my life that inspired me to write this book. I had initially thought I was writing it for myself, and I was actually because it was in that process that I healed myself. But more importantly it turned out to be this great deep dive into the core principles that had prepared me in my twenty-eight years of living to be able to rise above profound adversity and keep sharing love and finding light with restored hope and compassion. 

The empathy I experienced with stepping up was extremely helpful to leading me back to feeling free of fear and to forgive the experience. I was experiencing gratitude to forge ahead with renewed strength.  Upon reaching this level of connection to self; re-evaluating my life so far in service to humanity and in my journey of entrepreneurship - a young 28 year old female immigrant entrepreneur who had journeyed from Nigeria seeking for more, and finding that I had walked into what I like to term "an outcry" for humanity. 

Learning these truth was something bigger than myself; a message that the world needs right now in order to move in the right direction of openness, compassion, inclusion and peace. 

These are 28 values that uphold the dignity and respect of every human and clears the path for how we can continue to foster these values within our lives. It covers all the important and sensitive issues that matters to Canadians and the World i.e. 
Gender, Race and Education and emphasizes on how our differences is our strength in fostering unity and world peace. 

We need these practices to be able to create this alchemy towards a better world. We can only achieve true success by being mindful of these values and working together for a better world.

Learn more by pre-ordering a copy of the book here and by sharing this message and learning these practices.