Our Programs

Ambassador Program

We are building a global network of noteworthy ambassadors who will help raise awareness for equality and promote learning and sharing within our impact communities.

YOU are our brand of love and light around the world .

Make An Impact!




The Canada child benefit (CCB) is a tax-free monthly payment made to eligible families to help them with the cost of raising children under 18 years of age. With the donations made into the Child Benefit, families have the opportunity to receive these tax-free benefits to support their children.

LEARN - LEAD | work- study 

Our Learn- Lead initiative, Empower Girls, is focused on empowering young girls around the world with the platform to learn core values and skills to finding their voices, as well as connect them to mentors who'll nurture and sustain their leadership potentials. This program will include girls to learn, grow and lead fearlessly on a global connection.  

Our Work-Study supports learners within experiential programs with demonstrated educational finance needs by providing them with the learning resurces and experience they need.  Current partners: IEEE Work-study, CeedBase


Oh-so-worthy will be a monthly feature of a significant worthy ambassador whose giving and sharing made an undeniable impact within the community at the time. With the funding of this program, our worthy ambassadors have the opportunity to shine so bright on a global scale. We believe it is time for the world to honor humbles just as much as we admire our icons.




Our Learning Equality initiative is an ongoing series of stories and conversations about our day-to-day experiences of race and gender- based violence. By continuously raising awareness, we will bring consciousness to these issues and become more mindful to eradicating the unconscious biases. We feature such stories weekly from members of our shared community.

The journey of Learning Equality started with my experience of gender and racial violence and continues into a world where inclusion is the norm.


We act in our social responsibility as an active leader in the forefront of climate change action, participating in the clean growth economy and supporting protected land and marine areas in Canada. We are functioning—with close attention to environmental values, and co-operation across the partisan divide. With our 1% donation of funding revenue, we have joined and are building support for the GreenPAC - on the future of the forestry industry and the emerging bio-economy.