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Our Mission


We are working for a world where every human deserves the right to Education, Security and Freedom.

We are better together learning and sharing with Love and Light.

Our current funding initiatives are in 3-tier groups 


We Believe...

 "Educators have to empower youth with the lessons of the past to defeat intolerance, racism, hate & prejudice." 

— Dorcas Onuh


Child-Benefit Fund

The future of a better world starts with preserving a next generation of learners and leaders. The Child Benefit Fund is our child-first principle to support the development of children in Canada and around the world. Some of its participation have included collaborations with Child Benefit Canada (CCB) a tax-free monthly payment made to eligible families to help them with the cost of raising children under 18 years of age. Other engagements included supporting the First Nations in its child-first initiative. 



Experiential Education Fund

This Fund funds our Learn - Lead and Work-Study programs. This funding program promotes free and accessible educational platform for our girls and work-study ambassadors.

We will provide an online community and in partnerships with various schools, training or certifications platforms and work-study programs around the world. With the help of this fund, we will empower youth, children, particularly girls; transforming every Girl into fearless Women Leaders.

One of our current partners include IEEE Work-Study and CeedBase, an inclusive foundation for lifelong learning with the vision to connect talented young Canadians with qualified education to jobs of tomorrow, and in contribution to the creation of jobs. 



Noteworthy Fund 

This Fund funds our Learning Equality and Oh-so-worthy programs. The Noteworthy fund supports our purposeful mission of sharing noteworthy Learning Equality stories in continuing work to fully implement all orders of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. By doing so, we aim to raise awareness on gender discrimination towards eradicating it.

Also as our Ambassador Program grows, we will feature oh- so- worthy!  ambassadors every month. The Oh-so-worthy series supports our generosity spreading love and light on a global scale. Noteworthy promotes the strength in sharing and in our diversity.