Message | Young Canadians to guide country’s first youth policy

Ottawa, Ontario - February 13, 2018

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and and Minister of Youth, today announced several ways for young Canadians to take part in the development of Canada’s first youth policy.

Starting today, young Canadians can access an easy-to-use, interactive online platform – – where they can share their ideas and perspectives on what a youth policy should look like. Young Canadians will also be able to attend in-person sessions, which will be held across the country in the coming months. In addition, the Government of Canada has put together a toolkit that any young person can use to lead their own discussions.

Young Canadians already play an important role in shaping the Government’s priorities and decisions, including through the Prime Minister’s Youth Council and Constituency Youth Councils across the country. This initiative will help make sure young Canadians have a voice in matters important to them, and that their ideas and perspectives are incorporated in the Government’s actions and decision-making.


“This initiative is about making sure young Canadians from all walks of life, across the country, can have their say on what the Government’s priorities should be for youth. The youth policy for Canada – built for youth and by youth – will make sure that their important perspectives guide our way forward.”
—Dorcas Onuh

Dorcas Onuh