Girl Diary Three | Her Early Career

Dorcas' career started as a graduate project intern at National Petroleum Development Company in Benin City, Edo State under the National Youth Service Corps program. She worked at the company for exactly a year, managing various information technology and engineering projects at both office location and flow stations.  At odd hours, she wrote and managed her blog. In part of service, she joined a local chapter United Nations Millennium Declaration Awareness group as its Vice President, promoting the Millennium Development Goals within small communities and schools. "Benin city was another experience for me. It was the first time I owned an apartment outside the premise of schooling and I was thrilled with the independence and hustle."

Upon the completion of the service year, Dorcas decided to move to Lagos and with the help of her uncle she was able to secure an apartment in the heart of Lagos.  "Soon after, I gained employment as a Digital Research Assistant at a billion-dollar startup called the Arthur Mbanefo Digital Research Centre (AMDRC) located within the University of Lagos. I had wanted a job that was flexible and could conveniently accommodate my blogging side-project. "  Within a few months of working at the Centre, its founder, Arthur Mbanefo, MFR, CON, FCA forwarded me an invitation to his home. "I had been both nervous and excited at the time. Arthur Mbanefo is  a Penultimate Permanent Representative to the United Nations , a nationally recognized Accountant and a key player in the Nigerian Civil War history. He had founded the Centre as his legacy to improve research and development in Nigeria. I felt truly honored to receive this invitation." 

Arthur Mbanefo had invited Dorcas to offer her the job to write his autobiography. "He had been impressed by my work he had been receiving from the office. Prior to the offer, I had been forwarding extensive reports about new ideas and recommendations to the development of the Centre, directing them to the office of the Founder. Meanwhile the CEO had been passing these along to him and he confirmed he'd been initially surprised at such quality of work coming from his youngest employee. I resumed work on his book and we would spend the whole year working side by side, at his house, interviewing colleagues, carrying out research, editing etc. until "A fulfilled Life of Service" was completed."

Upon completion of the project, Arthur offered Dorcas the CEO position at AMDRC. At this time she was already actively involved on the Charitable Foundation as her Board Secretary and he was certain she was the leader his organisation needed to meet its vision. "Arthur was truly impressed by our work on his book. He would call me a wizard every chance he got particularly every time I read his scribble of an handwriting without a itch or developed novel ideas for a next chapter. I'd turned down his CEO offer. I felt deep within me that there was more for me out there and the experience of writing his book reaffirmed this. I had also started to seriously consider writing as a career path. I decided I wanted to explore my potential outside of Nigeria so I applied into the University of Ottawa, Canada and got accepted into her Engineering Management program. I had chosen this program due to my interest to explore entrepreneurship and possibility of returning back to take on the offer upon its completion". Also, during her time in Lagos Dorcas served as Advisory for the CORA Art & Cultural Foundation promoting Art and Culture across Lagos and Nigeria.

Her father had not wanted her to travel, it had been a huge debate for years. She had always wanted to leave the country since before seeking admission into Bells University of Technology. "This time, my father could not say no. I literally forced his hands into it. I sorted out all the admission and travel details on my own and informed him I was leaving; he had no choice but to give up his fight. He was concerned I was journeying into a country where I didn't know anyone but I was excited about the possibilities that lay ahead of me."

On December 26, 2014, I bade farewell to my family at Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos and headed for Ottawa, Canada.