Girl Diary Four | Ottawa, Canada

Dorcas arrived in Canada on December 28, 2014 during the coldest winter in 115 years as reported by Environment Canada but she had been fully prepared. She settled in very quickly and resumed course work soon after. "I fell in love with Canada almost immediately. I researched everything there was to research which helped me settle in quickly. I started attending forums and applying into various skills programs I could find. It was during these exploration that I found the Women's Startup Network and applied into it. " 

She got selected into the Women's Startup Network which was a peer to peer program supporting, developing and empowering young girls and women to become entrepreneurs. Soon after, she started a new venture with two other colleagues which was the beginning journey of CeedBase, an inclusive innovative community for young creatives developing their early careers with entrepreneurs seeking to hire. She started facilitating outreach events to promote the program with other students and hosted its notable event titled, "Everything is Broken, What a great time to be alive" by Vicki Saunders, Founder of SheEO.  She also joined Bank of Montreal Financial Group and Catalyst Canada on its Millennial Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion. She completed her two year program within a year and decided to focus on building her company. She started consulting work on a research project, Strategies for Career Advancement of Women in Communications and Technology with Women in Communications and Technology as her first client . "Afterwards, BMO Financial Group Bank offered me a job. I recalled having some call sessions with the lead recruiting lady  to explore options of opportunities and relay my preferred interest. After my exploration, two meetings, and soul searching, I realized this would mean giving up my startup project and moving to Toronto, Canada. At the next meeting, I led with a conversation that I required a more flexible work schedule in order to allow me continue with my project". 

Afterwards Dorcas explored partnership with  Startup Canada which she was actively volunteering for and continued her volunteer work alongside running CeedBase.  She has also started other startup projects i.e. HopeFund, a funding platform for young entrepreneurs in conflict zones. This startup had made it into the HultPrize regional, however she couldn't continue with this project due to her other priorities at the time. Soon after this, Mckinsey & Company nominated her as a Next Generation Women Leader. During her start of volunteerism, Dorcas volunteered with Community Cup Ottawa, promoting the lively spirit of community and facilitating the children's learning. 

She gained her second consulting project with the Department of National Defense as a Communications Consultant and then on at Health Canada as a Senior Communications Advisor. She has also empowered and mentored youth through various programs including the Youth Leaders Advisory Council and Information Communications Technology Company, ICTC on Effective Brand Communications and Job Readiness. She had also mentored as a BIG ENG to junior engineers of the IEEE uOttawa chapter while at the University of Ottawa. She pivoted her blog into Deeynotes, a community platform which led to her work with small business hubs and notable events in Ottawa i.e. CollabSpace ,TedEx Ottawa etc. developing brand awareness and building communications strategies. She was a Program Advisor for the Information Communications Technology Company, ICTC Small Business Digitization initiative and is a recent Advisory Member on the International Talent Acquisition Centre, In-TAC. 

Dorcas is a passionate female entrepreneur and activist who has also explored learning and short courses across Women Poetry at Stanford University, Business Communications and Influence, Agile practices and Client Management. She is currently learning French. 

Since arriving Canada, Dorcas has pursued her vision as a female entrepreneur and educator in building an inclusive community for Canadians and connecting the world. She is an immigrant Canadian entrepreneur who aims to significantly serve Canadians fostering and advancing innovative solutions with her novel ideas. She recently survived racial (and gender-based violence) during this journey where she felt threatened, unsafe and suffered some psychological fall-outs. This experience inspired her to build the #betterTogether movement and transforming  Deeynotes into a foundation and mission to empower young women to learn and live out their dreams without fear of discrimination or marginalization - Dorcas Onuh FUND She believes diversity is a source of strength and everyone deserves to have a safe and inclusive platform to pursue their dreams and passions in making their contributions to our world.

Her mission also includes promoting respect and rights of every Canadian and raising awareness for equality with shared stories.  She currently seeks the right tools and platforms to continue to foster real change for Canadians and solve these problems and believes the time is NOW for everyone to do better. And as always, she is relentless and excited about impacting the world and open to work together on this journey.  She is also the writer of "HER DREAMS TO HUMANITY",  a 28 poetry collection supporting the #betterTogether movement on Gender, Race and Education.

Dorcas is a minority Canadian transforming challenges into hope and compassion. She also continues to invest her efforts into developing CeedBase which is her novel solution facilitating experiential education, growing and creating jobs and connections. She also runs a platform and blog where she promotes human rights, women's right, education, innovation, peace, and equality.

Everything is broken, what a great time to be alive!